3 December 2016
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What is Takeaway English Online?
Takeaway English Online takes learning English into a new dimension for educational organizations and individual students, while bearing in mind the reality and the variety of needs of teachers and learners in constantly changing teaching contexts. Takeaway English Online is designed to suit all needs.
Can I use Takeaway English Online instead of a coursebook?
If you are ready as an educational organization to move forward and take the leap into pure digital content, the course format of Takeaway English Online can provide you with your course material, ready-made and easy to use so that success is assured.
Can I use Takeaway English Online with a coursebook?
If you are not quite ready to replace coursebooks with digital content, don’t worry. We have created an enormous bank of high-quality digital content which cross-references perfectly with the Takeaway English coursebooks. You can continue to use the books and dip into our online resources in its Activity Bank format to complement, extend and enhance the paper material.
Can I use Takeaway English Online in different ways?
Yes! You don’t even have to choose between the course format and the Activity Bank format. If you are an educational institution, you will have access to both.
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